Storefront to play inaugural show for “Grass In The Gallery”

The Tim Faulkner Gallery presents an evening of acoustic music with Storefront Congregation along with special guest, Michael Cleveland.

Join us on Thursday, February 19th from 8-10 pm as the Tim Faulkner Gallery kicks off “Grass in the Gallery”

In addition to Michael Cleveland, former Storefront bandmate Nathan Livers will be joining us on Mandolin, filling in for the vacationing Turner Hutchens.

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Turner Hutchens is card-carrying official!

After two seasons of filling in as a “sideman” on mandolin, Turner Hutchens is now a full-fledged member of Storefront Congregation!  If you don’t like the way we sound or how we do business, IT’S ALL TURNER’S FAULT!  Just kidding – it’s only ¼ of his fault!  We’ve been so lucky that Turner has shared his musical talents with us.  He is an exceptional musician and we’re happy to be part of his journey and excited about our future direction!  Congratulations to all!Turner

Idaho is no small potatoes!

A valley in Idaho

A valley in Idaho

Just got back from our first trip on the Snake River aboard the American Empress steam boat.  She’s a beauty!  Just a little smaller than the American Queen, but she has the elegance of another great lady!  Here are some photos from our trip to Idaho & Washington with a minor side step to Oregon via Hell’s Canyon.

SFC guys at Hell's Gate

SFC guys at Hell’s Gate

Turner & Murrell at Hell's Canyon Dam

Turner & Murrell at Hell’s Canyon Dam

Show Room on the American Empress

Show Room on the American Empress

Paddlewheel of the American Empress and the mountains beyond.

Paddlewheel of the American Empress and the mountains beyond.

Coeur D'Alene Lake, Idaho

Coeur D’Alene Lake, Idaho




We’re looking forward to another season on the beautiful American Queen Steamboat on the Mississippi & Ohio rivers, as well as her sister the American Empress Riverboat on the Snake & Columbia rivers.  Come cruise with us this year!


Folk Festival in Boonville, Missouri

Another exciting gig on the schedule THIS WEEKEND is the Big Muddy Folk Festival.  We can’t wait to meet the folk folks in Boonville, Missouri and ‘show-me’ some SFC music!

On the ‘sidelines’!

In between gigs throughout the year, SFC band members often perform in other groups or special shows.

Storefront CongregationOne such performance is today, March 15, when bass player, Lauren White will join John Gage and Brigid Kaelin along with Cantor David Lipp for a musical celebration of Purim at Congregation Adath Jeshuran .  She also performs with Glenn Gibson as “Double Knot Spies” and is working on an annual Christmas program with friends Michael and Andrew Meehan.

“The MacDaddies” rock the house and kick up the country with SFC’s Kent Houchin on guitar and harmony vocals.  They also perform as a smaller group, “The Fiasco Brothers.”

SFC banjo player, Murrell Thixton sits in with “Eddie Wells and the Kettle Creek Ramblers” periodically as well as performs with other local talented musicians such as wife, Robin Roller Thixton and Matt & Alan Phelps, etc.

Aspiring country star, Turner Hutchens performs with various groups to feature his vocal and multi-instrument talents in addition to his role with SFC on mandolin.  He often performs with cousin, Jory Hutchens of Mickey Clark & Blue Norther.

The covert “operation” of SFC is revealed!

Kent on stage with guitar

Kent on stage with guitar

We are pleased to report that guitar player, Kent Houchin is recovering well from wrist and shoulder surgery over the winter!  This is in follow-up to an earlier surgery on the other arm last year.  He is almost a bionic man now and he’s in rehab getting ready to play some hot licks and killer rhythms on guitar again soon!

Happy Holidays From Storefront Congregation

SFC In The Snow

Christmas is right around the corner and the holidays are in full swing. Like you, we are enjoying the “most wonderful time of the year.” To all of you who came to our performances and supported our musical endeavors this past year, we say a very heartfelt, “Thank you.” Without you we would not be able to do what we do (you make it so much more enjoyable).

We are looking forward to 2014 and we hope to see you at a SFC show. In the meantime, get your wassail on, deck the halls, and rock around the Christmas tree. Love and joy to you all!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

SFC Picking on Disney for Autism Benefit


Below are some home videos from the Bluegrass Center for Autism Benefit Saturday, August 31, 2013 hosted by Congregation Adath Jeshurun.  The vocalists were Cantor David Lipp, John Gage and Jennifer Diamond.  Storefront had lots of fun working up these tunes and performing for such an appreciative crowd.  Thanks to Congressman John Yarmuth and Dawne Gee (news anchor for WAVE-TV) for their support of such an important cause.

More videos may be uploaded so check out the Storefront Congregation YouTube Channel.

Download with Vixy | Convert YouTube to MP3 | Replay Media Catcher
Download with Vixy | Convert YouTube to MP3 | Replay Media Catcher
Download with Vixy | Convert YouTube to MP3 | Replay Media Catcher


Storefront Goes Disney For Autism!

A music-filled, entertaining evening is scheduled by Congregation Adath Jeshurun at 2401 Woodbourne Avenue, Louisville, KY 40205Saturday, August 31, beginning at 8:45PMThe evening will be hosted by WAVE3’s Dawne Gee. Also participating will be the Hon. John Yarmuth, well-known bluegrass band, “Storefront Congregation,” and others. AJ’s Rabbi Robert Slosberg and Cantor David Lipp will be sharing valuable information with those assembled in AJ’s auditorium.  Others on the entertainment list are John Gage and Jennifer Diamond.  READ MORE